Health Conditions

Many people don’t realize how many conditions can be treated by chiropractors. The following are a few examples of just how diverse our practice is.

Safe Painless Treatment for Low Back Pain

Whether it comes on suddenly or gradually, low back pain is miserable, scary and debilitating.

Low back pain is where chiropractic shines. Chiropractic care for low back pain is the most effective treatment available. In many cases, relief is instant. Many different scenarios cause low back pain, and it is important to get evaluated and appropriately treated.

Treatment could include an adjustment to the lumbar spine, sacrum, pelvis, hip or coccyx or even to the feet or neck, because any of these could be contributing to the pain. Treatment could include specific nutrition, muscle release therapy, muscle strengthening, and/or myofascial release.

Our clinic treats low back pain on a daily basis. New injuries and chronic conditions are equally successfully treated. We refer to our medical colleagues when conservative care is not enough or advised.

Neck Pain Relieved with Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Therapies

Stiffness, decreased range of motion, headaches, pain in the neck, tight painful muscles, or any combination of these brings people to the chiropractor. These pains affect quality of life and are another area in which chiropractic shines. We address these symptoms in a variety of ways, chiropractic adjustments, massage, active myofascial release, resetting the neuromuscular tension (trigenics), diet and nutrition.

Here are my thoughts about Trigenics:

“I have struggled with chronic migraine headaches triggered by a neck injury suffered as an adolescent. I have experienced significant pain and neck muscle tension requiring weekly adjustments and continual doses of Imitrex for migraine control. Trigenics is nothing short of a miracle in restoring a relaxed, healthy range of motion for my neck and reducing my need for costly migraine medication. Since undergoing Trigenics therapy my neck adjustments are holding. I have also seen a welcome improvement in my energy and attitude.”

W. Bruce M. SPHR, Eugene, Oregon

A New Model for the Management of Neck Pain – Read the report

Knee Injuries

Swollen, tight, painful knees can be a result of the femur sliding forward a tiny bit on the tibia while in a squatting position or walking downhill or kneeling. Usually caused by a weak poplitius muscle and possibly the imbalance of quadriceps, hamstrings, tenor fascia, and/or sartorius muscles, the condition is often debilitating. Treatment is impressive because it is so quick.

At Tracy and Keim Chiropractic, we use techniques to strengthen and balance the muscles. Adjustment to realign the femur and tibia usually gives instant relief. Pinched nerves at the lumbar area need to be ruled out or corrected.

This is a smart, conservative treatment to be used before steroids or surgery are considered.

Treatment for Pain between the Shoulder Blades

Often described as a knife in the back, pain in the scapular region brings as many people to our office as low back pain. The pain is usually caused by some combination of thoracic vertebra and rib subluxation. It is common in auto accidents and from lifting heavy objects with ones arms reaching in front of them. This pain can usually be alleviated in just a few visits.

“The pain was horrible, I was constantly in pain behind my shoulder blade. It’s all I thought about because every time I moved it hurt. I couldn’t even sleep at night because of the pain. I was very, very satisfied with my results, because I had instant relief after my adjustment.”

Shannon Macey, Eugene Oregon

Carpal Tunnel: Successfully Treated by Chiropractic

Pain and numbness in the hands and arms, carpal tunnel has become one of the leading causes of disability and time loss. Repetitive motion, grasping and holding objects, or contracting the muscles of the hands and/or arms for long periods of time, sets up this condition. Compression on the median nerve causes the tingling pain that keeps so many people awake at night. To fix this condition without surgery, one must consider the whole length of the nerve and where it could be entrapped and compressed. Using advanced soft tissue techniques, it is possible to release the nerve from the muscles in the neck, where it exits the spine, and at every muscle and tissue down the upper arm, forearm, wrist, and hand, where it can be entrapped and compressed. This method is highly successful, giving total relief and avoiding failed surgeries.

“I have suffered from carpal tunnel for the last ten years. My hands and arms would fall asleep while driving and sleeping. The month before I had treatment, I would wake at night with agonizing pain in both arms. After 8 treatments of ART and Trigenics on my arms from Dr. Tracy my hands and arms no longer fall asleep or hurt.”

Del Sparks, Keno, Oregon

Plantar Fasciitis Pain Cured by Chiropractic

Plantar fasciitis is a common, painful foot condition. Plantar fasciitis refers to the syndrome of inflammation of the band of tissue that runs from the heel along the arch of the foot. This condition can occur with or without a heel spur.

Itis most often seen in middle-aged men and women, but can be found in all age groups. This condition can be extremely painful, making it difficult to walk and can continue for years, even with treatment by the usual methods of anti inflammatory medication, orthotics and steroids.

Many people, even our patients who have had excellent results with chiropractic treatment, don’t think about chiropractic for the feet. Remember, chiropractors adjust bony joints, and there are a lot of bones in the feet that can become jammed or displaced. Think of how many times you have stubbed your toe, dropped an object on your foot, stepped on an object, or made your foot carry hundreds of pounds day after day. The little bones of the feet can get pushed out of their normal position and alter the way the foot functions with every step that it takes. This sets up a lot of tissue change, and after time the muscles and fascia on the under part of the foot shorten, pulling on the heel where it becomes inflamed and can form a heel spur. Shortened calf muscles add to the problem as the Achilles tendon pulls on the heel also, contributing to the inflammation, pain, and bone spurring.

We address all three components of plantar fasciitis. We adjust the bones of the foot to restore position and movement, we lengthen the muscles of the foot and calf, and we release the tight myofasciitis. The spur can be treated also, but usually reduces spontaneously when the tension is taken off of it.

Although we cannot claim 100% success, we have a very high success rate, and it only takes a few treatments. Most patients have at least 30% reduction of pain after their first treatment.

Sacral Iliac Joint Pain

Deep, aching pain or sharp jabbing pain over the S-I joint that isn’t relieved in any position.

Often referred to as low back or hip pain, or sciatica, this pain is actually deep within the S-I articulation, caused by a jamming of the sacrum and ilium. One of the major causes of this pain is a misalignment of the pubic symphysis. Women can often trace the beginning of this problem to a pregnancy, but many men suffer with it too. When the right or left pubic bone slips up, down or out, the S-I joint no longer joins perfectly, resulting in constant pain. Short of a severe trauma, these conditions are very easy to adjust and give instant relief. Uncorrected, this condition often causes psoas muscle weakness, lumbar subluxation and low back pain. When left year after year, there are degenerative changes that take place in the S-I joint and it becomes chronic pain. This condition should not be left uncorrected.